How Our Trees Are Made

Residential Trees 

All of our residential trees are handcrafted using local and imported materials. These trees are made right here in New Zealand, from natural wood and every tree is uniquely made. no two trees will ever be the same.


Can you tell the difference?


Our residential trees range in size from small table top trees, up to 2.4 metres in height. Most New Zealand ceilings are 2.4 metres in height, so our trees are designed to fit any standard home.


If you have a higher ceiling we may be able to build a tree to suit your space which will come with its own unique shape.

If you would like a tree made to measure, to fit a unique space, please take a look at our Commercial Tree page. We would be only too happy to assist with your requirements.

All residential trees are pre-made due to the unique nature of the trees, so keep an eye on our SHOP page or Facebook page to keep up to date with new trees being released. 

NZ Custom Trees

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