How Our Trees Are Made

Large Commercial Trees

The trees are either fabricated out of fibreglass and steel by a highly skilled offshore team,  Or crafted right here in New Zealand  by the very talented Emily, built to your specification to ensure that they fit in to the intended space. 

The entire process, from manufacture to door-step delivery, takes from three weeks to three months. 

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Tree Details

Bringing natures beauty inside

You can design a tree that fits beautifully in your indoor or covered outdoor space. 


The Trunk and main branches are constructed with steel, fiberglass, wood, resin or plaster or a combination of materials for durability.

The blossom and leaves are made from silk fabric and/or Polyethylene. 

All trees are fitted to a large steel plate for stability, most trees are self supporting, however we recommend bolting to the floor for stability.

Trees that are not installed by one of the team will arrive with instructions and numbering so it is easy to locate where each branch should go, NZ Custom Trees may be available to assist with installation where required. 

What We Do 

Bringing natures beauty inside

We craft trees to fit in the intended space, the photos here show a tree custom made to fit around the exposed beams in this restaurant in Dunedin. If you have something a little bit out of the ordinary like this or a straight forward tree. Give us a call or email we will do our best to help you out  


Time Frame 

Beautiful trees for all occasions 

We can have your tree ready as quick as a couple of weeks and up to Four months depending on the tree build size the current projects on hand and if we have any parts we need to obtain. Let us know what your time frame is and we can let you know what we have available to make it work for you. 


We Ship NZ Wide

We custom make trees to suit your specific space and requirements, and can deliver them right to your door.

Whether it's a 1 metre high tree that you require, or a 4 metre high tree, let us know what you are after and we can make something to suit.