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After my sister travelled overseas and had money stolen out of her debit card, which the bank luckily refunded for her, I looked into how this could happen and was shocked at what I discovered.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the transmission of small bits of data at a short distance, for example how the “tap & go” function of your credit/ debit card works or E-passport is scanned.

The problem with this sort of technology is there are scam artists that come along with it. All these scam artist need to do is purchase an RFID reader (or their own eftpos machine) and hold it close to your wallet which enables them to read the details on your credit card and then use it to complete payments online or take money straight out of your cards.

The only way to protect yourself from this sort of scam is to block the RFID signal, such as buy an RFID blocking wallet, sleeve or card. This made me realise we need an affordable RFID blocking device in New Zealand so the ANT CARD was formed.

The ANT CARD is the size of a credit card and sits easily in your wallet, phone case, or anywhere that you keep your credit/debit cards and you simply place it infront/behind or between your cards you are trying to protect. If you have a larger stack of cards you are trying to protect simply sandwich your cards between two ANT CARDS

We named the ANT CARD after our son Anthony and they can be purchased through our website at for the reduced price of $10 including delivery NZ wide. Offer valid for four weeks only!

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The convenience and increased use of Contactless technology brings with it increasing crime. 

We need to take responsibility and protect our identity and data by using ANT CARD RFID blocking cards

All you need to do is place the ANT CARD inside your existing wallet and it will protect your cards from being scammed.
This allows you to use your contactless cards as normal without any extra hassle, whilst keeping your cards 100% secure. 



How It works?

All you need to do is simply place an RFID Blocking ANT CARD in-front of or behind your credit cards and You're done! This means, no matter what your wallet's style is, with our Ant Card you will protect your whole wallet.

Why do you need it?

Your data can be read even if your passport or card is in a wallet or purse. Radio waves go right through fabrics and extract your personal information.

You won’t even know when your data is stolen, so you can’t take immediate action and by the time you find out it may be too late!

RFID Blocking Ant Card is the only way to be SURE your info or money won’t be stolen via RFID intrusions.



---Protect Your Identity with the RFID Blocking ANT Card which Blocks RFID Card(s) while in your existing credit card holder, wallets, case, protector or sleeve.

---Fits in any wallet or money clip

---No batteries required

---Won't trigger EAS security door alarm 

---Simply carry this card in your wallet and money clip and all cards within range of its e-field will be protected.


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