Newlywed and recently drained of her life savings and her right arm, Emily Nesbit was taken aback by the cost of wedding flowers, determined to create a cheaper option for brides-and-grooms-to-be that wouldn't require them to take out a second mortgage on their home. 

Investing a lot of time and money crafting beautiful flowers that looked and felt real, Emily was confident that she had achieved her goal and arranged for large stocks of artificial flowers to be made which she took to local wedding shows with the intention of promoting her product for hire. 

The success Emily had envisioned didn't quite pan out, however there was a lot of interest from people at the show who wanted to buy bunches of flowers for their tables, and Emily ended up selling the flowers she'd taken to the show instead. 

With such a large stock of artificial flowers made, Emily looked in to wholesale selling, however was disappointed to find that this idea didn't quite pan out either. 

Having an idea to add trees to her stock, Emily built a relationship with offshore fabricators who crafted her first tree which was released to the market at the Winter Gift Fair in Christchurch in 2019. The response was HUGE, with Emily winning the award for Best New Exhibitor, and going on to win several more awards at subsequent shows. 

With a strong market demand identified, Emily pivoted her business model to focus on custom-making trees for commercial business, and added a second branch on to her business, which specializes in making trees for commercial hire. 

How Our Trees Are Made

Large Commercial Trees

The trees are fabricated out of fibreglass and steel to achieve a uniform product that is exactly as you desire. The trees are either fabricated by a highly skilled offshore team, or right here in Canterbury NZ built to your specification to ensure that they fit in to the intended space. 

The entire process, from manufacture to door-step delivery, takes from one to four months. 

Residential Trees 

The trees are hand-crafted and made right here in New Zealand, from natural wood. 

Meet The Team


Emily Nesbit incorporated NZ Custom Trees in 2019, coming from an Entrepreneurial background. 

Armed with an Agricultural degree, and background in Farm Management, Emily oversees all business operations. 


With a strong desire to help businesses succeed, Emily has helped several friends and family members turn their business ideas into realities. 


Treatment Plant Operator

Emily is our Chief Treatment Plant Operator, overseeing and assisting with the treatment of all trees to prevent deterioration of the wood. 

Emily has certificates in Health & Safety, Approved Chemical Handling, and a Science degree. 


The handiest of Handy(wo)men, Emily has a background in farm work, and property renovations, where she has acquired a large repertoire of skills, including being a self-taught Tiler and Plumber. 

Emily carries out all of the fine-tuning jobs such as welding, grinding, chainsawing, waterblasting, staining and building crates for shipping, and is also available to fix anything that might break! 

Screenshot (2)_edited.jpg

HT Driver 

With a background in HT, Emily is not only in charge of collecting raw materials, but also collects all shipments coming in to Lyttelton Port. 

Emily delivers the majority of our larger orders, and moves stock up and down the country to set up for sales fairs. 

Administration and Sales Manager 

That warm and welcoming voice at the end of the phone, or response to your e-mail enquiry, is the lovely Emily. 

With a background in Sales and Marketing, Emily is only too eager to help with any enquiries. 

Emily's job is a busy one, working from home with children of just 1 year old and 2 years old respectively. 

Emily is in charge of all online operations including quoting, accounts, liaising with our skilled offshore fabricators, and making sure that orders are correct, and safely delivered.


Product Builder and Installer 

Last but not at all least, we have Emily whose job is to assemble all materials to produce the final, high quality, artificial tree product. 

Emily carries out all resin work, plastering and painting

Emily is also the face you will see installing your large commercial trees and is available to rectify any issues directly while on site saving any hassle